Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Scaffold Hire Health & Safety Issues For Homeowners

Most homeowners are completely unaware of the hazards and some of the problems with regard to the erection of scaffolding for their property. This report takes a look at using scaffold hire to help home improvements whilst pointing out a few of the most obvious hazards.

Health & Safety For Scaffolding shouldn't be Ignored

The most important component of any scaffolding installation needs to be safety. The huge majority of scaffolding companies are well versed on health & safety laws but that does not mean they always adhere to the best processes.

Ensuring the scaffolding is nicely tied into the property is a starting point with well positioned angled supports installed as needed. Making sure the scaffold pole shoes are placed properly using the weight spread on short boards is another important point during the setup.

When the scaffolding frame itself is protected to the construction the next step is to make certain that the true scaffold planks are spaced correctly with all scaffold planks ends supported. It goes without saying that the true scaffold bolts that secure the poles together should obviously be tight.

Based on where the scaffolding is in use and what the objective is, it might be required to have safety netting to prevent debris giving someone under a little bit of a headaches or in reality series injury. On one specific job lately I noted that particular fans needed to be positioned over the entrance to your hotel to make certain that dust didn't go back on the residents whilst work was in progress.

It needs to be noted that burglars love scaffolding since it enables them to take care of every window regardless of how high - as if it had been on the ground floor. Any good size scaffold hire occupation would command a scaffolding safety alarm to be set up. It may cost a little extra but only consider the consequences should you not use your job is targeted. Is it the scaffolding business? Is it the contractor?

I'm certain that you get the point but those are issues to discuss with your contractor or scaffold hire company prior to an installation as opposed to in a crime scene.

On smaller jobs or mid terrace properties it's common practice that the tradesmen using the scaffolding eliminates the access ladder at the end of every working day.


Scaffold hire, working platform, access towers and rent are available in all shapes and sizes and are an exceptional resource to allow work to be carried out safely and usually to a higher standard than conventional ladder hire. It's usually money well spent and providing all of the health & safety issues are complied with it's as safe as functioning on the ground.

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